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Thoughtful at the Mansion

Two Telepaths Verse
[staring into space, lost in thought]

Lab Rat Verse

[mouse inside a cage, watching you]
[scurrying across a table towards you]
[listless in his cage, not well]
[worried] Cheese was never an option?
[this mouse can hear your thoughts]
[lab rat Charles is watching you]

Canon Posts

The laws of physics still apply...
Something is not quite right here.
Entirely possible it was an illusion.
Discussing ants and relationships with Hank Pym
Meeting Agent Coulson
Dr. Watson is recruited for a science lesson
His twin is afraid of the oatmeal
Sean fell into the bushes again
An Erik look-a-like from the past
Zira trying to use a cellphone
His twin is smoking
Charles drunk calls Raven who picks him up and takes him home
Spring is in the backyard
Helping a beat up Remy Lebeau
Charles goes to see Dr. Watson
Big Bang Theory crossover of epicness
Chance dream meeting
63 verses collide
Carried off by a giant
Held up by Wesley from Wanted
Shocker trying to rob Xavier
Held by Peter Petrelli's telekinesis
[moving you involuntarily with his mind]
[at pub, sipping scotch, watching people]
[reading in his study, quiet night]
Who left these cupcakes sitting here?
[Hurt and bleeding, on the ground]
[Charles being contemplative in his chair]
Good to be home, I suppose
Just! ...give me a moment...please.
Whoa, sis...nice dance moves!
Know what we're going to do today?
...have some respect for the dying...
All metal wheelchair? Very bad idea.
[catatonic, unresponsive, inside his own mind]
Don't believe we've met. Charles Xavier.
[resting his eyes, not sleeping....maybe]
[sleepwalking through the mansion, eyes closed]
...because I can read your thoughts.
[groans, hangover from the night before]
[very drunk, talking with a girl]
[practicing his abilities] No, further back...
[Charles may be missing for awhile]
[lying in a hospital bed, recovering] - mid movie, after beach incident
[he can hear what you're thinking...]
Hide and seek...mutant powers version...
I don't want to hurt you...
[winning at chess] Checkmate in five...
[in Cerebro, scanning minds....loving it]
[sleeping over his books and notes]

Weather Meme: Thunderstorm with Erik
Zombies: Car crash with Erik
Kissing Booth: Rogue
Text Based Adventure: Inception
Rescuing Emma Frost
Freaky Friday Meme: Erik
Amnesia Meme
Death meme: suicide
Handcuff Meme
Hurt/Comfort Meme
Kidnap Meme
Sleeping Meme
Inebriated Meme
Destiny Meme - Charles dies in Emma's arms
Text Based Adventure Game Meme
Insomnia Meme
Moving sleeping Erik
Kidnapped with Erik

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