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Charles isn't sure how he got here, but he very much would like to be out. At the moment he's in a plexiglass type of cage, almost perfectly cube-shaped around him. There isn't a door that he can find, no matter which way he feels along the wall. There has to be a certain frequency, he hypothesizes, that the large robots use to open it up.

He's never seen such big robots before, and they seem sentient. Before he can marvel over them long though, he finds out why he's in this cage. He's going to be experimented on. Charles can almost hear Erik echoing his words from before. "What an adorable lab rat you make..." as a robotic arm reaches through the cube with a large needle on the end.

Charles tries to avoid it but there's not too many places to go in his cage and eventually has to accept defeat and be injected. Talking does him no good, the robots just ignore him and move on to the next experiment. Charles rubs the sore spot on his neck and hopes nothing bad is going to happen. He looks over at the next cage, seeing a new inmate being put into it for testing.
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Charles showed up at the hotel promptly at noon. He was quite eager about this experience and didn't want to be late. It's not long before he's knocking the door of the hotel room that Arthur occupies.

Rescue Me

Nov. 12th, 2011 05:35 am
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[A fic written jointly by [livejournal.com profile] stonecoldfrost and [livejournal.com profile] ihearyouthink here]

[Charles shivered under a thin blanket. He really didn't feel well, he had been ill for a few days now. But the people holding him hostage weren't about to let him go anytime soon. Oh no, they had a telepath and they were going to find out what makes him tick. He'd been poked so many times, he had lost count. The metal halo around his head kept him from using his ability and he had nearly given up on being found at this point. Right now, all he could do was lay here on the floor of his cell and try to get some sleep]

Really, Charles, I expected better from you... )
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Charles was biding his time. It was almost nighttime, the scientists would be leaving soon. He stayed in the corner of the cage, nibbling on the bit of cheese he had acquired from running the maze again earlier today. His eyes were on the people in the lab, waiting for them to finish up. He was one of many lab rats in this lab, but he had already distinguished himself as one of the smartest. They were still trying to figure out how he had navigated the maze the fastest without even seeing it before. What they didn't know was Charles was no ordinary mouse. Not only was he very intelligent, he had learned to listen to the thoughts of others. It was an ability he had been working on developing, trying to study himself as the scientists were studying him. Growing up in the lab, he had all the equipment he needed to run his own analysis and tests. He just had to wait until everyone left.

Finally, the last scientist was flicking off the lights and closing the door, locking it behind him. Charles counted to ten to make sure no one returned before popping the rest of the cheese in his mouth and swallowing it down as he moved towards the little gated door. He reached through with his little paws, giving the metal bar a nudge in the right direction till it unlocked. The cage door swung open and he scurried along the table. The rest of the mice were snuggling down for the night but Charles had work to do. He couldn't sleep now, he had just learned the human word for these new abilities of his. Mutant. The scientists were discussing it earlier, genetic mutations. From what they had been saying, Charles knew there were a few other mutants here and he was determined to find them. The one, Schmidt, he had spoken the most of one called Erik. Charles wasn't sure why Erik wasn't in the lab with the other mice but he was going to find out.

Charles hadn't been much farther than the lab but it wasn't difficult to leave. A hole in the wall, down a drainpipe, and onto the ground. Now and again, a soldier would pass but Charles knew a trick for not being seen despite being a stark white against the background. He blocked his existence from their minds as he passed, heading towards a slightly less clean area of the compound. There were locks and gates much like in the lab, but these were human sized.

Charles sat back on his haunches as he reached the living quarters of the prisoners. His nose quivered, this didn't seem like a good place for experiments, usually things were so clean and organized. This looked like people had been herded into here in a group and not cared for. Charles didn't like it, not one bit. But he moved carefully between different people, not bothering to hide himself as he searched for Erik.
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Charles had known this day was coming. He was not as naive as everyone thought him to be about the growing tensions between mutants and humans. Though he tried time and again to find a way for the two to live together in peace, eventually things had gotten so bad, he had officially closed the school. Officially but not entirely. Lessons continued, but in secret.

It wasn't enough though. Eventually they came for the kids. Charles had implemented the backup escape plan, sending everyone through the tunnels to the Blackbird and away, him staying to keep the soldiers distracted to the last minute. But it was one minute too many and they were prepared for a high profile telepath like Charles Xavier. Seems they had made a deal with the Russians for a couple of telepathy blocking headbands, just enough of a dampener so Charles wouldn't notice the sniper sneaking up and shooting him with a dart as he sat in his wheelchair. After that, he couldn't reach any minds at all. His telepathy: gone. The soldiers had moved in and taken him.

He hadn't gone quietly though. By the time they brought him to the psychiatric hospital, he had inflicted a couple of black eyes and gotten one of his own. When he refused to stay still, he'd gotten a gun butt to the back of his head, knocking him out entirely.

When Charles came around, he had been strip searched, redressed in scrubs, and unceremoniously dumped onto a lumpy mattress. The mattress wasn't even on a bed, it was on the floor of a solitary cell, a small window up high letting a small sliver of light in. It smelled of dampness all around him. He was alone, more than he had ever been before.
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Charles wasn't late, in fact he was 5 minutes early when he showed up at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. He was quite interested in what this Sherlock Holmes had planned for him. He was pretty sure there wasn't anything sinister about this meeting, but he was going to be cautious just in case. After all, experimentation on mutants wasn't always a pleasant or ethical thing to do.

A nice tech was able to direct him to where Sherlock was keeping himself, giving him an odd look and something about "another freak" as a thought before she did. Apparently Sherlock had a reputation here.

He opened the door to the morgue, not an encouraging place to start. "Mr. Holmes?"


Jul. 3rd, 2011 04:17 am
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He should have seen it coming...

It was just another night out and to be fair, he had been drinking quite a bit. The company was so nice though, a beautiful brunette with striking blue eyes who was enjoying his lines about DNA and mutation as related to her stunning eye color. There was nothing suspicious about it, she was genuinely interested and for once, Raven wasn't there to mess things up for him.

It was his fourth scotch that tasted funny, but he didn't think anything of it. Not till he found his sentences slowing down more than normal...well, normal for him being drunk anyway. He frowned for a second, wondering what was wrong. His date seemed confused as well, putting her hand on his arm to ask if he was alright. "I...I don't know...must have reached my limit..." He blinked, was his vision growing fuzzy too? Something wasn't right here. Too late, he realized someone had spiked his drink as two pairs of strong arms grabbed a hold of his.

Charles tried to resist, managing to hold one of the men paralyzed but not before the second one stuck him with a needle full of tranquilizer and pushed the piston down. His last thoughts were to call for help, a feeble telepathic message going out to anyone who could hear him as his brain lost the battle to stay awake, falling over limply against the table. Charles was dead to the world.

Those arms carried him out to a waiting car and sped off into the night.

ooc: anyone want to continue this plot? I'm hoping for an Erik or Raven if possible...or other First Class characters


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