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It wasn't often Charles got to go out with his mother when they were visiting New York City. Usually he would get to be back at the five star hotel with time to himself. But for some reason, this time his mum brought him along. It wasn't exactly a fun place for an 8 year old boy and the smart suit he was in wasn't comfortable. But Charles did like the fact he could be around adults like this. And his mum seemed to be happy even if she was drinking too much. She didn't mind if he wandered around, tasting a few things off of the hors doveres trays. None of the waiters minded too much, he had good manners for such a young kid.

This was some kind of art exhibition and dinner. Charles nibbles on a cracker with fish eggs on it, trying not to make a face as he looks at a nearby painting. This was pretty bad. Both the caviar and the painting.

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Lamont was wandering, Margo on his arm and prattling about something concerning the art. He wasn't here for the art, rather scoping out the rich echelons for future targets. A seemingly random and small rash of jewel thefts had left the police baffled, but Lamont was starting to gain insight into the pattern. Tonight he had his eye out for the vey baubles crime had marked, when Margo finally called out his name and broke his trance. A quick brush of her mind told him she'd been going on about the statuette they were standing next to, but she knew that feeling and gave him a disapproving look. He hadn't been paying attention and now he was staring at the back of her head as she stormed off into the crowd, searching for someone interested in talking about the actual art of the place.

"Margo!" Lamont didn't want to make a show so his call out to her was gentle and he couldn't help the smirk on his face at her reaction. He sighs and comes to a stop, shaking his head. Perhaps for the best, they'll work the room more quickly if they split up. He sends her a brief nudge mentally, something chiding yet playful before turning around. He was so focused on her own mental fingerprint that he had failed to notice something else in the room, possibly someone else as his barriers instantly go up, and he glances around. He puts his hands into his pockets and calmly starts a stroll, essentially playing a slow game of Hot-Cold as he worked his way about the room, trying to pinpoint the additional presence.

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So this someone was aware on some level of their abilities. Margo had a latent capability, but this one was clearly active. Not honed like Khan or the Tulku and his students, but certainly self-aware. Lamont continued his search but he kept his eyes peeled. He'd seen through Khan's shroud, he would pull this one aside just as readily and discover who it was. In the meantime he would play his own hand, moving to a doorway briefly and clouding the minds of those around him with practiced ease. He stayed there a moment longer, taking the opportunity to let his hypnotic spell take full effect before resuming the search in earnest. He could now move unimpeded by the other guests, but he remained on the defensive. He wasn't looking to scare off whoever it was.

He made a few zigzagging movements and then finally started to triangulate on Charles' ficus plant. Lamont isn't expecting a child though and as he starts to head for Charles' location, he's peering at the height where a grown man's head would normally be, confused about why he seems unable to actually see something taking form.

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To say the voice of a child is the last thing Lamont was expecting might be an understatement. If he wasn't so used to being surprised, it might have actually broken his concentration. As it is, there's instead a sense of amusement reaching out to Charles. A child, and quite a rare and incredible one at that. Lamont's gaze lowers and there, he notices a pair of shoes sticking out from behind the plant. Charles is hidden well, even without his psychic abilities.

A friend taught me. The voice Lamont projected was always a bit lower than his own, but there was no threat in his tone. You're very good at that.

No small feat, Charles has honestly impressed Lamont with his raw ability. Very carefully and selectively, Lamont reduces the effort he's putting into his shroud. The crowd cannot see him, but he knows that Charles will be able to pick him out in a crowd now, so hiding his face is of little use. He's smiling quite amiably, and stands back to let Charles come out on his own from the hiding spot.

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Lamont picks up the shroud where Charles leaves off, he doesn't want the child standing there gesturing to nothingness. He wants an uninterrupted conversation.

I know. His face splits in a silent laugh. There was a reason for it, a part of his soul the Tulku said would always plague him, and it manifested itself quite conspicuously at times. The young man had to have a chaperone of some sort around, and Lamont does a quick scan on the crowd only to find the child, disturbingly, at the back of one woman's mind. She was somewhat inebriated and Lamont realized that this little boy, this incredibly strong psychic, was essentially left to his own devices tonight. Lamont frowns slightly and then he smiles at Charles again, though less enthusiastically.

Would you like to sit down? There's a table over there where people won't bother us, even if they can see us. Lamont nods with his head toward an empty table that didn't even have a few wayward glasses on it. It was out of the way of the main gallery as well as the gathering area, so no one really moved within earshot. Lamont was concerned that should the mother start looking for her son, he might have some tricky explaining to do if no one had seen either of them for a while during the party.

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When they sit down Lamont doesn't immediately drop the shroud, rather he lets it slowly fade, leaving people with the sense that they had always been sitting there, just that no one had bothered to make more than a minor side note of the fact.

Lamont gives that knowing smile as he reaches out and shakes Charles' hand. Lamont's palms are one of his few betraying marks, either the hands of an incredibly active athlete, or a man not afraid of hard labor.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Xavier." Lamont's spoken voice is more youthful and carefree than the one in Charles' head. "I believe our fathers might have done business together at some point, but I can't say I ever met your family before." There's a briefly betraying sense of sadness from Lamont and then it's gone, but he already knows Charles would have picked up on it.

"And I learned from a very wise, and kind friend, who I miss very much."
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Lamont nods with a gentle smile on his face. He had never been a particularly good person in his early life, and hadn't really been invested in his parents. They'd seen to his care, education and well-being, but he rarely remembered more than that. This boy cared deeply for his deceased father, and it was something akin to how Lamont now felt about the Tulku.

"Ever since I was young." He couldn't remember when it had started, but he knew he had quickly been consumed by a darkness that had come with his specific gift. It wasn't a common trait, that kind if evil, and he couldn't sense it in Charles. It left an unmistakable taint, and he had worked hard to both atone for his deeds, and learn how to cover its presence.

"How long have you been practicing?"

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"Well, you're obviously not the only one, and I know there are others out there too. I've met a few of them. Most of them aren't quite like us, but there are a few others who are." And even fewer now with no thanks to Khan. "Most people though, can only do a few things, and sometimes they grow up, never really knowing all the things they can do." One such person had come attached to his elbow tonight and he's leaving that information out there for Charles to pick up on, and see what the boy does with it.

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Lamont intentionally broadcasts his amusement to Margo, who turns to look for him, only just long enough to be certain no one is paying attention before scrunching her nose at the man. Lamont isn't certain if Margo is picking up on Charles, but he's just as fine if she isn't, it leaves him the advantage in this little joke at her expense.

"I guess you could say that." He usually thought of Margo as someone who could relate to him in their own way, but she was also a useful person to have around. While he's over here talking with Charles, she's still working the crowd. He knew though that Margo had other opinions about both their personal and professional relationships.

"As for the other stuff, I have a feeling I know what you mean." Lamont had experimented in his early developmental period as well, though with more malicious intent and results than just trying to hide next to a plant at a boring party.

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Even given Lamont's choice of career, he will never put down questions asked by an inquisitive child. He gives a look around and leans forward a little, keeping his voice low.

"We're looking for people who might need help later." He says this in a very matter-of-fact way, and is quite serious about it. It wasn't policy to tell strangers his plans, but he hadn't foreseen any violent inclinations from the thieves, only a desire to acquire, and possibly sell, a very specific set of gems and jewels.

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Lamont smiles gently, the kid is a bit brash but his head and heart seem to really be in the right place. Normally he'd dismiss such a request but this is an opportunity not only to see the kid in action as it were, but also gave him the chance to gauge his potential. He did not have the kind of omnipotent insight the Tulku seemed to possess, but he could get very close.

"The thieves are very sneaky, and bold. They'll slip jewels off of people in the middle of a crowd. What we want to do is find them, and stop them before they can steal what they want and leave. We have to be gentle, we can't just force them out or we'll never be able to track them down after the party." Lamont kept his eyes to the crowd, somewhere within, he had that sense his thieves had arrived, and he knew exactly who they were going to target. He wanted to hand these thieves over to the law, they were hardly of Khan's ilk and could be handled appropriately by due process. The trick was getting these professionals to make uncommon mistakes which would serve to betray their actions without letting them get away.


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