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Charles: [Setting up the pieces on the chessboard] White or black?

Erik: I'll stay with black. [Erik shifted forward in his chair, resetting the pieces on his side of the board.] Let's up the ante on our wager, shall we?

Charles: [picking up a few white pieces to fix his side of the board and then pours himself another drink] The last one didn't quench your curiosity, did it? Come on, lets have it then.

Erik: [A sly grin pulled his lips and Erik canted his head in a feigned innocent manner.] You've only whet my appetite for me, Charles. It's more interesting to work for it. On my end of the bargain, when I win, you'll tell me something else that no-one knows about you and answer one question on the topic for each piece of yours I capture.

Charles: [Erik is lucky that Charles is bordering on inebriated, otherwise he probably wouldn't agree to this kind of wager] Chess therapy, that's a new one on Sigmund...
[He considers his end of the bargain] Only if I'm able to do the same with you. [telepathically or otherwise, of course]

Erik: [Maybe he's just manipulating the situation to his advantage. He's not above that.] What more could you possibly want to know about me?

Pawn f2 to f4
Charles: I'm sure I can find something. You've got many layers....like an onion. [definitely bordering on inebriated]
[since white goes first, Charles made his first move, moving the third pawn from his right out two spaces] How about this. One question for any piece captured...and the winner gets to raid the wine cellar. [this is a very old house, there's bound to be very, very old wine down there]

Pawn e7 to e5
Erik: Like an onion? [Erik's brow lifted, a look of incredulity slipping over his face.] You're so poetic, Charles.
[His focus turned to the board and the opening move. He tapped a finger to his lips to consider the options. A bold move would be best to throw Charles off his game. It might be easier considering how much he'd drank thus far. He touched his fingers to his king's pawn and slid it forward two spaces.]

Pawn d2 to d4
Charles: Sorry...not sure where that one came from. Probably the Scotch. [speaking of, he'd probably better not drink much anymore if he wants to play a good game] Is it a bet?
[of course, Erik was wanting him to take the pawn, and given their wager, it was more tempting than usual...but instead Charles moved out his own queens pawn as a defensive move]

Pawn e5 to d4
Erik: That must be where your passive opening came from as well. [Erik tapped a finger to his lips before sliding his pawn at e5 to take the white pawn at d4. It wasn't the bet that prompted him to do it, it was a small measure of control at the centre of the board.] It's a bet.

Charles: Are you poking fun at my chess technique now? [because I sure am at my mun, she's singing the abc song to figure out which row she's in!]
[drat, that's one piece down. Charles cants his head slightly, giving Erik a look that says lets have your question then]

Erik: It's a change from ribbing you about your affluence. [Erik tipped his chin down in thought. He hadn't prepared anything in advance before agreeing to this. That was foolish.] What influence did being a mutant have on your decision to study genetics?

Queen d1 to d4
Charles: A big influence, I suppose. I wanted to know the science behind my abilities...and if there might be others out there. [short answer is probably best, there's quite a few pieces to be knocked off during the game]
[Xavier considers before sliding his queen up to capture Erik's pawn, grinning as he did so. His turn to ask]

Erik: [With the passive opening, Erik wasn't expecting Charles to bring his queen to the centre so soon. He leant on the arm of his chair and nodded for Charles to ask his question. It was a good stall for time to ponder his move.]
Go ahead.

Charles: What...is your full name? [picking something easy to start with, it's not something he'd ever searched for in Erik's memories anyway]

Erik: [His brows drew in for a fleeting second at the simplicity of the question.] Erik Lehnsherr. [He took pause as if considering whether or not to continue. When he did go on, there was a nostalgic quality to Erik's voice.] The name they called me at temple was Ehuwd.

Charles: [nifty, something he didn't know] See. Layers.
Your move, I believe.

Knight b8 to c6
Erik: [Erik breathed out a chuckle and shook his head. Charles and his damned cheerfulness. The next move was to force him to move his queen away from the centre. The best for that? Knight to c6. Erik didn't think Charles would risk losing his queen so soon in the game.]

Queen d4 to c4
Charles: [Absolutely not, the queen goes over a space and out of the knight's domain] What? [asking about the laugh] Don't tell me you're not enjoying this too.

Knight g8 to f6
Erik: I am, in fact. [The tone in his voice seemed to have a note of surprise in it. In truth, it was more entertaining and challenging than their usual matches now that something of interest was at stake. Erik exhaled slowly and moved his king-side knight to f6.]

Knight b1 to c3
Charles: Barring us running out of interesting things to say about ourselves, we should play like this more often. [moves a knight of his own]

Pawn d7 to d6
Erik: I have the feeling that won't happen any time soon. [Talking, actually connecting with someone else wasn't something Erik had much use for in the past. Unless the novelty of companionship wore off in the very near future, he didn't think he'd tire of Charles. He lighted tapped his fingers against his queen's pawn then nudged it forward one square to from d7 to d6, next to his knight.]

Bishop c1 to e3
Charles: It's early yet... [Charles leans against his hand, contemplating the board...keeping his fingers away from his temples, no need to give the impression he might be cheating]
[finally he reaches forward, pausing on a bishop and sliding it diagonally, getting another piece out of the gate and into the middle]

Bishop c8 to f5
Erik: [While pondering the board, Erik took a sip from his glass. While he might tease Charles about cheating, he didn't actually think the man did. Erik would if he had Charles' abilities, he was certain of that. After a moment of thought, he moved his queen-side bishop forward to f5.] I'm in no hurry.

King to c1, Rook to d1
Charles: [neither was Charles....and now he could finally implement the move he was waiting for, picking up his king and castling to the left]

Bishop f5 to c2
Erik: [His head tilted to one side and pursed his lips in thought. It was probably a poor move, but it might be the best way to apply a little pressure. Erik picked up the bishop he'd moved to f5 and moved it across the board, taking the white pawn at c2 and placing his piece in front of Charles' king. Yes, he'd likely lose that bishop, but you don't win without a few sacrifices.]
How did you get involved with the CIA?

King c1 to c2
Charles: [hmm, interesting move] Moira...Agent Mactaggert. [as if there's a difference, Charles does admire her in a way] She tracked me down, needing a expert in mutations and genetics. It was right after my graduation from Oxford and I was quite inebriated but thankfully that didn't stop her from asking her questions.
[without hesitation, he moves his king up, taking the bishop that had invaded his side] Have you ever been married?

Erik: [He nodded vaguely as Charles spoke, his attention mostly on the man, but still partly on the board. When Charles asked his question, Erik was visibly taken aback. His brows drew together and he stared for a long, silent moment at Charles. Really? What sort of women would have him with his obsessions? And when would there have been time to meet someone and cultivate... Erik shook his head to indicate the negative. There was still a slight cloud of perplexity clinging to him, though.]

Charles: [Charles shrugs one shoulder at his answer, his attention returned to the board, but with a smirk on his face] It may have been possible, you sure seem puzzled that I asked.

Queen d8 to d7
Erik: [He snatched up his queen and set her forward one square neatly behind one of his pawns. Erik looked over to Charles, mildly put off by the man's amusement at his expense.] It's difficult to meet a nice Jewish girl with all my... travels.

King c2 to c1
Charles: Difficult perhaps, but not impossible. [he puts his king back where it was] Haven't you ever heard of love at first sight?

Knight c6 to a5
Erik: [He moved his knight to the side, putting it on the a5 square to once again threaten Charles' queen.] It isn't a priority for me. I have more important plans.

Queen c4 to b4
Charles: Fair enough. [Charles pauses with his hand on top of his queen, looking side to side on the board before deciding to move it one space to his left onto b4]

Pawn c7 to c5
Erik: [He chuckled, amusement settling over his features as he gave the idea some thought. He moved a heretofore untouched pawn at c7 two squares forward to c5.]
Can you even imagine me domesticated?

Queen b4 to a5
Charles: [grins at the thought of it] It would take quite a woman to do such a thing. In fact, if you ever meet someone like that, I insist on meeting her as well.
[his queen came up to snag Erik's knight, joining the other two pieces captured on the side of the board] What's the strangest thing you've ever been able to control with your abilities? Or perhaps the most interesting, if that doesn't apply.

Pawn b7 to b6
Erik: [Erik chuckled in kind.] If such a woman exists, I'll be sure to keep her far from you, my friend.
[He tapped his fingers to chin in thought.] I'm not really sure I can think of anything out of the ordinary. When... [Erik's brows drew together and he faltered for just a second.] When I was a boy, I would practice on spoons when they'd feed us...
[He fell silent after that and kept his eyes on the board. After a only a moment, he moved a pawn on square forward from b7 to b6.]

Queen a5 to a3
Charles: [moves his queen back to his line in response]
Spoons? [suddenly he had a mental image of Erik playing the spoons and had to cover a laugh with his hand] Sorry...not what you meant, my mind ran to the musical applications for some reason.

Pawn a7 to a5
Erik: [Erik wouldn't help but smile at the sound of laughter. Charles' light-heartedness was more than welcome when his thoughts began to drift to old, dark places.]
You don't have to apologize.
[As he spoke, Erik moved the pawn at a7 forward to a5.]

Pawn g2 to g3
Charles: [Charles takes another sip of his drink as he considers the board]
[glances up] Can you play the spoons? [even though it's not his turn for a question]
[moving a pawn up a space]

Pawn g7 to g6
Erik: [The question brought a wholly amused smile to Erik's lips. He moved his pawn at g7 forward to g6 with a shake of his head to indicate the negative.]
I'm afraid I never found the time to learn.

Knight c3 to a4
Charles: Really? [he moves his knight over and up in front of his queen] Now that I think about it, there are a few instruments that have metal in them...you could learn to play remotely, have an invisible band.

Pawn b6 to b5
Erik: [Erik snorted a dry laugh.] Are you trying to convince me to give up my life's pursuit in favour of becoming a street performer?
[He took only a short moment to look at the board before moving his pawn at b6 up on square to b5, threatening the newly moved white knight.]

Knight a4 to b6
Charles: [Charles jumps the pawn, his knight now behind enemy lines]
If that does happen, I will give up teaching and be your PR man. [very unlikely that it would happen at that]

Queen d7 to c6
Erik: [Erik pondered the board for a moment before he sighed and moved his queen to the c6 square. He wasn't willing to sacrifice her just yet. After the move, he chuckled and looked over to his friend.]
I'll hold you to that, Charles.

Knight b6 to a8
Charles: I know you will. [grins as he moves his knight up to snatch Erik's rook, four of Erik's pieces down and Charles had only lost two...this was looking favorable for Charles]
Can you tell the difference between different types of metals? And does distance matter if so?

Queen c6 to a8
Erik: [It was indeed looking good for Charles. No matter. Even if he lost, it was to a worthy opponent and they would always play again. Erik leaned back in his chair and pondered the question.]
Somewhat. It's hard to describe. It's almost like... weight? It's not actually the object, but it's intrinsic magnet field I can manipulate and those vary from substance to substance. Things like iron, nickel and cobalt are very easy, whereas platinum, aluminium, alloys of gold and silver are much harder. It's easy to remember they way they feel when you deal with them frequently, like different materials in clothing. I might not know exactly what they are, but I remember how they feel.
Distance always matters. So does size. It's all ratios, Charles. If it's further away, it more difficult. If it's large, it's more difficult. The metals present in the object. There are many variables to it.
[As he spoke, he reached over the board and moved his queen to take the knight at a8.]
Was there ever a time when you were unable to differentiate between your own thoughts and others? If so, how did you manage to overcome it?

Pawn h2 to h4
Charles: You mean if I couldn't tell who I was at the time? If I thought I was someone else? [Charles has to think about that one for awhile] I confess, I haven't found a mind that was overpowering enough. Not to say that I won't later on... [he didn't want to put that much confidence in his abilities]
[too bad about the knight, time for a different approach, Charles moves a pawn up two spaces]

Pawn h7 to h5
Erik: [Erik nodded. As someone unfamiliar with intimate workings of telepathy, he wasn't clear how obvious different thoughts were.]
More like you found yourself with a sudden craving for a food only to realise it wasn't your craving at all.
[As he spoke. Erik tapped his fingers lightly to the edge of the chair. After a moment of quiet thought, he moved his pawn at h7 forward to h5.]

Rook h1 to h2
Charles: [Charles nods at his statement] That would be a little more vague, I can't say I've had that happen before...but it is very uncomfortable being in a room with multiple people who need to go to the loo at the same time. [smirk playing around his lips at the memory]
[His untouched rook moves up a space]

Knight f6 to d5
Erik: [Erik couldn't stop himself from snorting a laugh. Then again, that particular need can be rather overwhelming. He chuckled once more as he moved his knight at f6 to d5.]

Bishop e3 to d2
Charles: I really should practice the art of mental blocking...but I don't know any other telepaths yet. [well, none that wanted to kill him anyway]
[time to save the bishop, he gets moved back]

Pawn f7 to f6
Erik: That sounds like something you might want to look into soon with everything that's coming.
[Erik swiftly moved his pawn forward to the f6 square.]

Pawn e2 to e3
Charles: [Charles moved a pawn in response, settling his chin in his hands after] Perhaps I should contact a few with Cerebro.

Pawn to f5
Erik: Do you think that's wise? Placing such trust in a stranger?
[Even as he posed the question, Erik nudged his pawn one square further to f5.]

Bishop d2 to c3
Charles: Charles lifts his eyes from the board to smile at Erik for a moment. "I've done so before, it's worked out nicely." Meaning trusting Erik when he'd pulled him out of the drink at their first meeting.
Right...what was he doing? Playing chess, obviously but those drinks earlier, he had zoned out for a second so he has to remember his strategy. He puts his hand on a bishop and moves it up and over

Knight d5 to e3
Erik: "If you say so," Erik mused. Clearly, he still thought Charles a far too trusting soul. What sort of fool puts himself in harm's way for a total stranger? Erik still wondered to this day. As he pondered it, Erik reached over and moved his knight at d5 and claimed the white pawn sitting at e3.

Charles: Charles raises an eyebrow...that was entirely not the move he had been planning for. But he had a little time to think, "Your turn for a question, I believe," he says, taking a sip of his drink as he pondered the board.

Erik: "Who taught you to play chess?" A simple question, one that didn't request too much personal information, but also left the door open for a personal anecdote.

Rook d1 to e1
Charles: Charles looks up to the left, thinking back. "One of my mates at Oxford actually. Harry Frampton...he insisted one could not be entirely English without knowing how to play chess."
He's settled on moving a rook, not wanting to lose it just yet.
"My father had this set, of course, but he didn't play often enough for me to learn. I was very young when he died."

Knight e3 to d5
Erik: Erik nodded with a quiet hum in acknowledgement. His eyes moved to the board contemplating the move. It took a moment for him to decide on his next course of action. Perhaps moving his knight had been a bit hasty. Whatever the case, Erik decided he wasn't yet ready to lose it and pulled it back to the d5 square.
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