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When he first meets Miss Frost, it's very obvious they are on opposite sides. Despite their differences Charles rescues her at one point from being tortured by another mutant. He also helps when she loses her memory.

After Charles is kidnapped and extremely ill, he is saved by Emma Frost and brought back home to the mansion. She surprises him after the ordeal by asking if she can switch sides and work with them. Charles agrees and she begins to teach at the school. There is a unique relationship between them, one of mutual trust and distrust. She entertains him by drawing on his cast while he's recovering from his arm being broken, which he does not mind in the least. They survive Christmas at the mansion, presents are exchanged. She manages to snare him accidentally in a trap meant for Azazel and it becomes apparent that there is definitely flirting going on from both sides. She even starts to get jealous of other girls that he tries to pick up, despite the fact Charles had never given her any expectations between the two of them.

One night, she's incredibly lonely and sneaks into his bedroom, probably expecting him to kick her out eventually. Surprisingly he doesn't kick her out and, one thing leads to another...she's gone by morning whenever he wakes up and finds the bed empty. And that would probably have been the end of it if she hadn't gotten pregnant.

Afterwards, Charles really needs a drink and to sort things out. A few people stop by to help him, including his own imagined version of Raven.

to be continued...


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