Jul. 18th, 2013

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[Professor X? He's over here...wondering why the young man in the shades knows his code name.]


[ One would think that with two telepaths in the house, Scott would be able to mute his thoughts either by preventing himself from broadcasting or throwing up a mental shield. Clearly, this isn't the case if the younger Xavier is able to pick him up; he'll need to work on that.

It's pretty easy to put two and two together once he spots the man, though. Wheelchair, cardigan, that particular expression that lets Scott know when he needs to give the man a gentle prod to get anything out of him. This guy has 'Charles Xavier' written all over him.

... Doesn't make it any less weird. (Especially with the hair.) ]


[Slightly weird, perhaps. But this Charles hasn't met Scott Summers yet. So he's rubbing his chin thoughtfully, giving Scott a curious look. He was a mutant, he knew that much, but he wasn't going to pry just yet as to what his ability was. The glasses were interesting...]

I believe you have the advantage if you recognize me.


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